Every Month, the SP-Staff chooses a new featured article from one of Songpedia's well-written and organized works, these articles will be featured on the main page and will be respeted with a Clef Star.

List of Featured Articles

The current featured article is bold.


  • What Happened To Voting And Nominating?
    _We decided to get rid of them for a while until the number of contributors grow.
  • Why was Queen the featured article for almost a year?
    _On 2010, the article has been the most praised article at that time, but even when more articles have beaten it on January 2011, the SP-Staff forgot to update it due to it's long status.
  • When will we be able to vote & nominate again?
    _When we reach enough number of contributors, and enough articles to select from, the SP-Staff will be re-allowing nominating and voting.
  • Why are all of these artists?
    _We haven't chosen a non-artist page yet.
  • Are songs counted?
    _We don't make songs featured articles on Songpedia for two reasons; one is because the featured article status are only for encyclopedic articles and not for these kinds, and the other one is because songs already have a "Random Tunes" on the main page and anyone registered can add any song to these.

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